We have an eye for detail!


Inspecting an airconditioner

Wow! You are incredibly meticulous! Thank you. Since we’re so far away, we’ve spent very little time in the house, and likely won’t be able to spend more time in it until we move. You caught so many little details that we probably would not have noticed until we moved in, but I know I would have been frustrated once we found them. Now, we can have the builder make those quick fixes and repairs, and the place will be perfect when we move in. Thanks, again! You did an incredibly job!
Michelle C.

Just wanted to say thank you for the prompt response, I appreciated the dedication and professionalism you gave in the inspection of the house and the well written and formatted report. I will gladly give you good referrals if I have the chance.
Mark P.

It was good to meet you at (address), our new to be home. I want to thank you for your most complete Inspection Report. It was considerably more detailed ( a key word in your company’s title) than I would have expected. How come you don’t include a reading on the amount of TP paper left on each roll in the bathrooms?- Just kidding, but if I can guage you, you’ll probably start doing that too.
Again, thanks for showing us that there is a world out there where some people pay attention to details and sharpen their focus, for others. We had a great inspector.
Ted and Irene T.

Thank you very much for a very informative and thorough inspection and your patience in showing and explaining the different workings of the home. Your professionalism is very much appreciated, I can certainly see why Amanda chose/recommended using your service.
All the best.
Jack and Lisa

Thank you very much! We really appreciate the hard work and time you put in to the inspection. We really learned a lot since this is the first house we’ve ever owned. If we have any questions, we’ll call. Take care!
New Home Owner, Summit County

Thank you again for your flexibility to come on Saturday, your thorough inspection and the suggestions & understanding you provided me on the trees, utilities, wall sconces, etc.  Bill, Solon Ohio

Thanks Dale.  I’m reviewing it now.  It was fun working with you.  I feel much better having made the offer this morning after spending the day with you.  Best regards…
Jerry, Cleveland OH

Thanks for the report!  I LOVE it!!!!    Model and serial #’s, voltage, pictures, everything!  This is a great asset to have as the home owner.
Thanks so much!!
Melinda, Canton OH

Thanks for the detailed report and the professional manner presented.
All the best,
Mark, Akron OH

Thank you for such a detailed inspection!  We love the organization and pictures!  I will refer friends and family in the future!  Thanks again Dale!
New Homeowner, Medina OH

Thank you for the excellent, thorough report.  You really put a lot of work into the inspection and creating the write-up.
Thanks again.
Scott, Elyria OH

Just another note of thanks for a good inspection at Mt. Eaton in Doylestown. The septic at the house is being replaced now by the sellers. We figured the cost of the inspection will be paid for a few times over with that!
Thanks again,
Jesse & Kristen, Doylestown

Just wanted to say thank you.  You certainly are very thorough with your inspection and I do appreciate it.  My daughter used someone else when she bought a house two years ago and was jealous when she saw your report.  She didn’t get anything nearly as nice or complete.  We will definitely recommend you to anyone we hear of that needs a home inspection.
Thanks again,
Linda, Westlake OH

Great e-mail.  I have been very pleased with your work, and I’m sure I will see you soon!
Cindy, Rocky River OH